SIP HG400 Inverter/Plasma Cutter

SIP HG400 Inverter/Plasma Cutter

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Product Code: 05785

Brand: SIP Industrial Ltd

Product Details

Inverter Plasma is the ideal technology for consistently clean and highly accurate cutting of conductive materials including steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze and aluminium.


Key Features

  • 230v (16amp), 1 phase supply
  • 20amps - 40amps output current
  • 4.4 bar compressed air pressure
  • 5.3CFM average air consumption
  • Infinitely variable output power settings
  • 10.0mm cutting capacity (severs 12.0mm)
  • Digital display showing current settings
  • Lightweight - weighs only 9.8kg!
  • Adjustable cooldown time
  • Accessories:
  • P80 torch (6.0m)
  • Earth lead (connected)
  • Air filter regulator, torch kit



Input supply: 230 V (16 amp)
Torch: P80 Wired (6.0m)
Output current: 20 amps - 40 amps
Duty cycle: 40 amps @ 60%
Output settings: infinitely variable
Air pressure: 4.4 bar
Air capacity: 100 litres/min
Capacity (Cut): 10.0 mm
Capacity (Severance): 12.0 mm
Insulation: Class F
Protection: IP21S
Gross weight: 9.8 kg