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3M Speedglas 9100 Air with filter 9100XX and Adflo PAPR System

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Product Code: 567725

Product MPN: 567725

Brand: Speedglas

Product Details

​​Comes complete with Li-ion lightweight battery, Intelligent charger, Ergonomic leather belt, Prefilter & particle filter. All in a padded holdall bag.

  • Speedglas welding filter 9100XX: variable dark shade 5, 8, 9-13 for most types of arc welding
  • Possible to lock-in any shade, e.g. in the light state 3 when grinding. Delay function to set the dark-to-light opening time.
  • Switching time (light-dark) 0,1 ms. The sensitivity of arc detection can be adjusted for unsurpassed swithching reliability
  • Tack welding comfort mode help minimize eye strain during extended tack welding applications
  • With the right type of filter, the Adflo respirator effectively protects you against both particles and gases - all in one system
  • The slim profile and ergonomic design makes it even more lightweight and easier to go into tight welding spaces .
  • Gas filters are sold separately. You can selectively replace either the particle or the gas filter as needed: you don't need to change both filters at the same time.
  • Welding helmet 9100 Air, with auto-darkening welding filter 9100XX and Adflo powered air respirator.

2 year warranty (subject to product registration)


Number of Sensors: 3
Protection Level: NPF 50
Switching Time (Light-Dark): 0.1 ms @ 23°C
Recommended Industry: General Manufacturing
EN 12941 TH2
EN 175
EN 379
User Type: Professional
ADF Dark State Shades: Variable dark shade 5, 8, 9-13
Air Source: PAPR
Product Code: 567725
Product Series:
Speedglas 9100 Air
Charging Time: Turbo: approx. 4,5 hours
Battery Life: Turbo: approx. 7-9 hours
Cartridge or Filter Type: Particle filter (gas filter available as spare part)
Features: Respiratory Protection
Visor Type: Auto-Darkening Filter
Welding Process: Grinding
Battery Type:
ADF: Lithium 3V
Turbo: Lithium-ion
Filter Viewing Area: 73 x 107mm
Brand: 3M™
Safety Helmet Included: No
Switching Time (Dark-Light): 40–1300 ms
Product Type: Auto-darkening welding helmet with powered air respirator
UV/IR Protection: Shade 13 (permanent)
Filter Type: Particle filter (gas filter available as spare part)
Light State: Shade 3