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Quantum Helmet with Quantum Air PAPR

£749.00 ex. VAT £898.80 inc. VAT

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Product Code: RP158

Brand: Universal PPE LTD

Product Details

Kit bag complete includes:

Quantum PAPR unit with comfort pad
Quantum helmet prepared for air
Hose with Proban hose cover
Battery & intelligent charger
P3 Filter & pre-filter

The Quantum Air PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) system combined with the Quantum helmet, offers heavy duty protection from welding fume and dust when welding, gouging and grinding.
The unit features the latest in PCB Board technology, allowing the welder to adjust the air flow from 170 L/min to 210 L/min to suit the environment and application. This is highlighted by an LED airflow indictor on top of the unit. The Quantum Air is equipped with audio and visual blocked filter and low battery alarms, offering extra safety for the welder.

Features and Benefits

  • User adjustable air flow 170/210 L/min – 2 stages
  • Li Ion battery pack (up to 9hr duration @ 170L/min)
  • Fast charging Lithium-Ion battery (1 hour)
  • P3 filter and pre-filter
  • Intelligent charger (EU & UK pins)
  • Audio and Visual ‘’vibration’’ blocked filter and low battery alarms
  • LED air flow indicator
  • Supplied with ‘comfort pad’ and shoulder harness
  • CE EN 12941 TH3P with Quantum helmet



Particle Filter (P3 Filter)
Filter efficiency 99.97% preventing inhalation of dust, pollutants, fine particles & other contaminates.

Gas Filter
To prevent inhalation of organic, inorganic, acidic, ammonia, and other harmful gases (A1B1E1K1).

Extended Battery
Rechargeable battery
15 hours duration at (170l/min)
9 hours duration at (210 l/min)

Airlfow Rate
Low speed: 170l/min (6+cfm)
High Speed: 210 l/min (7.4+cfm)

Battery Type: Rechargable Li-ion battery

Battery Duration
9 hours (standard battery, 170 l/min)
5-5 hours (standard battery, 210 l/min)
15 hours (extended battery, 170 l/min)
9 hours (extended battery, 210 l/min)

Battery Charge Time
1 hour (standard battery)
2 hours (extended battery)

Battery Life: >500 charges
Filter Efficiency: > 99.97%
Alarms: Visual, Audio & Vibration

DIN EN 12941 TH3P R SL
NIOSH 42 CFR part 84
AS/NZS 1716

Operating Relative Humidity: <90%
Operating Temperature:-5C to + 55C
Storage Temperature:-20C to + 55C
Weight (Blower unit & battery): 1020g