Sigma Select 400 MWF 30 Feed Unit, Air-cooled
  • Sigma Select 400 MWF 30 Feed Unit, Air-cooled
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Sigma Select 400 MWF 30 Feed Unit, Air-cooled

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Product Code: A79541921

Brand: Migatronic

Product Details

MWF 30 Feed Unit
5m Interconnections
5m Earth Lead
4m Torch

This welding machine will knock you over. Nothing beats it. Designed for intelligent welding beyond the ordinary. Use it for mounting, heavy industry and automate solutions. Ideal for devoted welders in professional wedling products.
Customise Sigma Select to fit your production need, Select your hardware: C or S model, power source and control panel. Select your software: welding program package and intelligent welding functions for easier welding.
Avoid deselecting functions you may need in the future. Sigma Select can instantly adapt to match your current production need. Upgrade your welding set-up by adding programs or functions if new customers make new demands on your welding production.

2 year warranty (3/5 year warranty on selected components - subject to product registration)

For information on software programs, please visit to view and then contact the shop for more details to discuss price and availability.
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Current range, A: 15-400
Mains voltage +/- 15 %, V: 3x400
Fuse, A: 20
Mains current, effective, A: 17.5
Max mains current, A: 26.0
Power, 100%, kVA: 12.1
Efficiency: 0.85
Power factor: 0.9
Duty cycle, 100% at 20°C, A/V: 350/31.5
Duty cycle max. 20°C, A/%/V: 400/65/34
Duty cycle, 100% at 40°C, A/V: 300/29 // 280/28
Duty cycle, 60% at 40°C, A/V: 370/32.5//350/31.5
Duty cycle max. 40°C, A/%/V: 400/50/34 // 400/40/34
Dimensions C (HxWxL), mm: 700x260x735​
Dimensions S (HxWxL), mm: 454x260x735
Weight C, kg: 52 // 53
Weight S, kg: 35 //
Wire feed unit: 4 roll drive